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Pruning and Trimming

Although hedge cutting can seem to be a straightforward process, different hedges will benefit from different maintenace practices throughout the year.  Evergreen conifer hedges really need to be trimmed lightly at least twice a year, late spring, and late summer to maintain their shape.  Some conifers can be cut back beyond their green foliage and they will regrow, do this to others and they will die, little and often really is the way with these.  Other evergreens like Laurel and Yew will regrow if you cut them down significantly, Deciduous hedges (those that lose their leaves) such as Beech and Hawthorn also need to be trimmed regulalry to keep a neat, tight shape.
Specific Plants need pruning at different times;  Plants that flower early in the summer, such as magnolia, will lose their flowering buds if you prune them in Winter or Spring, whereas Summer flowering shrubs such as Buddleia need pruning in the Spring to flourish in the Summer.
Topiary plants need pruning at different times, and in different ways with different equipment.  A Topiary Box plant, whether it be a ‘Lollipop, Spiral, Cone or Ball’ shape can be trimmed very regularly with a pair of scissors, but a Bay of similar shapes really needs only two prunes per year and a pair of secateurs are required.
Climbing plants require specific pruning to keep them tidy, be it a Rose, Wisteria, Honeysuckle or even a ‘mile a minute’ vine, we have the expertise to do the job properly.
Our Garden Care team will always take into consideration the nesting season when advising on any pruning, tree work or hedge cutting.  The period between March and May is generally a no go time for hedge and tree pruning, although general shrubs and garden plants can be assessed individually.
We use latest cordless technology where possible, and will always clear up and remove all the clippings and cuttings from site.
We can either visit your garden to provide a one off service, or we can include your hedge and pruning work within our annual maintenance package, which is the most cost effective approach.
If you are in need of Tree Surgery, which is generally more specialist work than pruning work, we have great working relationships with a number of specialist contractors and will organise everything that you need.

Prunning and Trimming Quote - Prices from £40

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