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Autumn Lawn Care Large – 150m² to 300m² – Bosworths Garden Care
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Many would argue that the Autumn Lawn Treatment is the most important treatment of the year.  This treatment uses lower than average levels of Nitrogen, as too much above ground growth is detrimental to the overall health of the grass.  Autumn lawn treatments are all about encouraging root growth with Phosphorous, application of iron to help control development of moss, and use of various minor nutrients to increase the plants ability to photosynthesize which is essential when light levels drop during winter months.
Put simply, an Autumn lawn treatment will mean your lawn should be in tip top health and ready to go again by the time Spring returns.
Application of Herbicide does not usually take place in the Autumn as weeds are not actively growing and they will not take up any of the herbicide.  Only in extremely mild weather when weeds are still growing will any herbicide application take place, and even then it will only usually be on a ‘where needed’ basis.
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