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Power Jet Washing – Bosworths Garden Care
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Power / Jet Washing and Steam Cleaning

osworth’s Garden Services have the ability in house to clean many aspects of your garden, and when the area becomes too big, or the dirt too difficult to move, we work with contractors who use specialist equipment to do the job more effectively and efficiently.
The most common areas that we clean are Driveways and Decking, these are generally cleaned using a high pressure jet of water, with the Moss, Algae and Dirt that is washed out being cleared up and removed from site.  Often on block paved driveways this process will mean that fresh jointing sand will need to be applied to your drive, we will advise beforehand whether this is likely to be needed and when it will be done.  Decking, either wooden or polymer based, usually need a good spring clean to remove the dirt and algae from the grooves and grain, thjis is again done using a high pressure water jet, although some softwood decking can be damaged by a too high pressure  jet of water, so again we will advise the best method of tackling each area.

In recent years ‘Resin, or Rattan Weave’ furniture has become increasing popular due to its low maintenance characteristics.  However the uneven surfaces of these products generally mean a good clean with a jet of water in Spring will freshen them up for the Summer season.  Metal and Wooden furniture will also benefit from a clean in Spring, whereas we do not apply oils or protective treatments to products, we will use specialist cleaning equipment to remove the dust and dirt ready for you to apply any of these treatments.

  • £125.00 inc. VAT

    Power Jet Washing – <25m²

  • £172.50 inc. VAT

    Power Jet Washing 25m² to 30m²

  • £192.50 inc. VAT

    Power Jet Washing 30m² to 35m²

  • £210.00 inc. VAT

    Power Jet Washing 35m² to 40m²

  • £225.00 inc. VAT

    Power Jet Washing 40m² to 45m²

  • £237.50 inc. VAT

    Power Jet Washing 45m² to 50m²

  • £270.00 inc. VAT

    Power Jet Washing 50m² to 60m²

  • £297.50 inc. VAT

    Power Jet Washing 60m² to 70m²

  • £320.00 inc. VAT

    Power Jet Washing 70m² to 80m²

  • £337.50 inc. VAT

    Power Jet Washing 80m² to 90m²

  • £350.00 inc. VAT

    Power Jet Washing 90m² to 100m²

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