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Grass Cutting
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There is nothing quite like the smell of a freshly cut lawn, or the sight of a deep green lawn with new stripes created by using a sharp and efficient cylinder mower.  But there is also the frustration at not having the time to maintain your lawn as you would like, or the fact that it decides to rain during the only hour in the week that you have available to do the task, or even if you are raring to go, the sun is shining and then your mower decides it will not start.  This is where Bosworth’s Garden Care team will help you out.

Our team use only the best equipment, maintained regularly to give the best finish.  We generally use a rotary mower for the majority of our grass cutting and a cylinder mower in specific situations where a fine finish is required.  The rotary mower has a single blade sharpened at each end which, as the name suggests, rotates rapidly cutting the grass and throwing the clippings backwards into the grass collecting box.  This type of mower is relatively easy to maintain as it only has one blade to sharpen, it is generally lighter than a cylinder mower as it does not have a heavy roller and also generally has a wider cutting width making it more efficient at cutting lawns.  The rotary mower is also better than a cylinder mower at tackling lawns that have been left to grow too tall and is also better at cutting damp or wet grass.  A cylinder mower is superb at leaving a fantastic stripy finish, it cuts using a cylinder which is generally located on the front of the mower and has several blades spiraling around the cylinder, there is usually a heavy single roller on the back of the mower in place of wheels, this roller is ‘the bit that creates the stripes’.  The cylinder mower can only usually be used once a lawn has been maintained to a certain standard, and will not perform well on long and/or wet grass, but just as you wouldn’t use a Ferrari to pull a trailer, we will only use the right piece of equipment for the job at the time.

Our service will include edging the lawn, either with a mechanical edging tool or with traditional lawn edging shears to create a nice crisp finish.  Grass clippings can be removed from site, or added to your own compost bin.  If we do remove them from site there is a charge, but we do add them to our own compost heap and then offer the compost back to you in the future when it is suitable for applying as a garden mulch.

Booking your grass cutting as part of your annual Garden Care package is a simple process that ensures you get what you want, when you want it at an agreed monthly cost.  We will agree with you the number of visits to be made during the calendar year and then split this cost over the twelve month period.  Starting partway through the year is just as easy, we again agree the number of visits and divide the cost between the remaining months of the year.  All our garden Care contracts renew annually on 1st January.  When the grass is growing at it’s quickest and thickest – generally march through to June – we will be there longer than we will be in the summer when a light ‘haircut’ is all that is required, but this will all even out over the duration of the contract.  Do not let the word contract frighten you off, we like to keep things simple and we know situations change, you may even want to move house!  Two weeks notice is all that we ask to terminate the service, we do not want to tie you up in paperwork and lengthy contracts, although we do ask you to pay by monthly direct debit or standing order.  Our office will set up a regular day to do the work, but in the event of bad weather, staff illness or machinery failure we will be in touch to arrange a new service visit just as soon as we can.

And don’t forget adding in Lawn maintenance, border maintenance and any other services will not only reduce your unit cost, but will also mean the whole of your outdoor space will be maintained regularly to the highest standard so that all you have to do is sit back and enjoy!

Do you need help to know how to measure your garden or lawn to get the area in square metres?

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