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Garden Tidy

This service is not included in our Annual Maintenance package, as if we are doing our job properly, you should not need it!  However prior to us taking on a maintenance package, a ‘tidy up’ is often required.
The service is available all year round, and is dependant on the size of your garden as to which package is appropriate.  Please call us if you are unsure
The Garden Tidy includes Grass Cutting, Pruning and Weeding.

Grass Cutting

Initially we would work to bring the lawn back to a manageable level and could involve a “double cut” if the lawn is very long.  We would not be able to create and instant, dark green lush lawn with wonderful strips, but we would be looking to take the lawn down to around 30mm in height  and remove all the grass clippings from site and leave it at a standard that can be more easily cut and maintained .


The team will cut back and prune overgrown garden plants to include Small Treees, Shrubs, Conifers, Roses and Climbing Plants.  They will remove any dead plants, including the roots where possible but our team will NOT work on plants at a height greater than 2.5 metres and will not carry our Tree Surgery work.

Hedge Cutting is generally a separate service, but can be included if there are no other garden plants to prune and this can be discussed at the time of booking the work schedule.  The team will remove the plant material that they have pruned from site, the volume of what will be removed will depend upon the size of the garden and package taken.


Our team will thoroughly weed the borders around your garden within ght Garden Tidy service.  We will endeavour to remove the whole weed, including the root, but this is not always possible due to the different species of weeds, the ground conditions and accessibility of the weeds.   We will be able to advise on the types of weeds in your garden and the best way to manage them going forward.  We will remove the weeds from site, unless they are to go onto an onsite compost heap.  Weeds will not generally be removed from lawns as part of the Garden Tidy package

Due to the fairly thorough way that tidy up’s are carried out, some plants may look a little bare afterwards, and grass can be patchy or pale if it has been significantly reduced in height, but a Garden Tidy up is always working towards the long term benefit for the garden, the term ‘Short term pain for Long term gain’ is very relevant when carrying out a tidy up.

Do you need help to know how to measure your garden or lawn to get the area in square metres?

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